Thursday, August 13, 2009

BreakPal Winner!

According to, comment #1 was the winner!
Congratulations, Ali!
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BreakPal Review And Giveaway

For this week's Win It Wednesday, I finally have a giveaway of my own :D How special!

I was contacted by Phil Weaver of BreakPal. He offered me a free premium account in order to try out the service and let you guys know what I think. In addition, he is going to give one of you a free account as well!

I admit, at first I was very skeptical... but Phil Weaver and his wife, Liz Weaver, are really onto something. As I mentioned last week, fitness has been on my mind. Sometimes it's hard to find a minute or two away from my son to do anything productive - and when I have a bit of time, I end up here. So once I gave BreakPal a shot, I found that it was something I could really enjoy.

The idea behind BreakPal is extremely simple and quite frankly, I'm surprised I haven't seen it pop up anywhere before. It's simply a widget on your computer. At predertimened intervals, it pops up and you hear "Time to work out! Are you ready?" at which point, you moan to yourself and say "No, I'm not ready, I'm blogging!" But then you see that annoyingly fit, thin woman taunting you and you decide to drop what you're doing and WORK OUT! It then delivers an easy to do 3 minute workout straight to your desktop. Even if you aren't a stay-at-home parent, these desk chair exercises are for you!

The Good: There is a variety of workouts. Whether you're a blogger/stay-at-home parent or a working parent slaving away in an office, Breakpal caters to you. Some of the workouts can be done sitting in your chair. You can choose from:

  • Cardio
  • Cardio Kung Fu
  • Yoga
  • Simple Stretching
  • Chair aerobics
  • Chi Kung
  • Dance aerobics

  • I would have to say my favorite exercise was in the Chi Kung section, called "Serving Tea". It wasn't an intense, heartracing fat-burning exercise.. but it was relaxing and stimulating. It's not even so much the workouts that make the program worth my time but the idea behind it. BreakPal helped to motivate me and help me kick-start my fitness challenge. I wouldn't substitute it for a regular workout regime but I would certainly add to my daily routine. It's very beneficial to add a small bit of activity to your day, and BreakPal ensures that you never stay idle for too long.

    The Bad: BreakPal is underdeveloped. I'd assume this has to do with the fact that they are a small business. Phil and Liz Weaver are not Internet Millionaires(but I LIKE that. They are real people trying to run an HONEST business). Once more people learn of BreakPal and visit their site, they will have the opportunity to develop their program further. I'm on board to see what comes in the future!

    The... Free?: Are you interested in winning a FREE premium account to BreakPal? Here's your chance!

    TO ENTER: FIRST, go to and create an account. Leave a comment here with a LINK to your account. For example, here's mine!

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    This giveaway will end with next week's Win It Wednesday!