Friday, May 29, 2009

bumGenius Deluxe Bamboo Fitted

Yesterday I received the BG bamboo fitted diaper. I was instantly in love - it's super soft, softer than my favorite fleece. 
I used a simple Kushies wrap over it. Liam is a frequent wetter so I changed him after two hours. There was not a single leak. The Kushies did its job as well.
I noticed that his skin was slightly wrinkled (like when you soak in a bathtub) so even though 2 hours isn't terribly long to go without a diaper change, I worry about his skin being next to moisture for that long. I love the diaper and I'm hoping that he was just a super soaker at that moment because I'd really like to use it without worrying about Liam's skin puckering.

You can purchase this diaper at Cotton Babies for 12.95... great deal :)

The fit was terrific, and I could tell my little guy was super comfortable in his new diaper. It was snug around the legs so I could breathe easy knowing that we were not going to end up with wet thighs!

The diaper seemed to have the perfect absorbency right where he needed it the most. I definitely would like to stock up on some more of these!

Liam in his BG!

And with the Kushies... :)


  1. Those look great!! I have a bunch of the BG OS pockets and they are my favorite - I may have to try these out. :) Thanks for the tip.

  2. I loooove bamboo. Just a warming, don't try Goodmamas for the sake of your bank account =O

  3. OOHHHH that bamboo looks soooo comfy!

  4. That does look comfy... I'd love to try that out!