Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little update...

So, about that diaper I made yesterday...

It held up overnight! There was a small leak through to the cotton outer, but it didn't get Liam's clothes or the bed (we co-sleep, so thank heavens for that)... he is SUCH a heavy wetter at night, so this gives me a little hope if my deformed diaper holds up.

Someone had told me that the fleece would be an adequate waterproof barrier... should I have taken that advice, or was I wrong to make such a BULKY diaper (after the PF insert is put in.. I'll have to make a trimmer insert) because it would just require a cover? What do you all think?
I think since it performed so well at night, it would make a perfect day diaper with zero leaks probably...


  1. Awesome! That's encouraging! And the fabric is so cute!

  2. Question... how do you do the leg gussets?

  3. It looks cute. Not gonna lie it looks better on your LO! But I must agree its very impressive and I LOVE the checker print.

  4. That is AWESOME! I'm so proud of you =)