Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Post!

I am a 20 year old mother making the plunge into the world of cloth diapering. I plan on using this blog to chronicle my frustrations and successes as I discover the right path for me and my now 4 month old son. 
He was born January 13, 2009... we started him off in gDiapers using the flushable inserts but I was having a very difficult time with breastfeeding and dealing with Post Partum Depression that I gave up. 
I now have him back in the gDiapers, using both flushies and prefolds as inserts. I'm slowly building a stash of different types of cloth diapers to test the waters. 

I plan on eventually making my own diapers and covers, so look out for video posts.

This blog isn't going to be exclusively cloth diapers though. My overall goal is to create a healthier, more natural and cost-efficient environment for my family and I. 

There will also be no lack of contests and giveaways, mostly other peoples' for now, and my own once I have something to.. give away :)

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  1. Your son is adorable and I am always glad to find Moms who are venturing in cloth diapers! It's such an exciting world and there are so many fun patterns and styles.