Monday, September 7, 2009

Fitness: Couch to 5K

If any of you remember this post, you'll remember that I made a public vow to get back into shape. I have decided to do the Couch to 5K program from CoolRunning. It's a progressive program that starts you off running just 60 second intervals, and by the end of 9 weeks (though I suspect it will take much longer for me, hehe.) you are supposed to be able to run 30 minutes - or 5k.

Well, today was my first day with Couch to 5K. Um.. let's just say it didn't go so well, haha!

I had my MP3 player with the podcast that I downloaded that has music plus the audio cues telling when to walk and when to run. Today's routine was supposed to be a 5-min brisk warmup walk, then 8 sets of 60 secs of running/jogging and 90 secs of "recovery" walking.

5-min warmup walk: Started feeling good, a little out of breath... shocked at how out of shape I am these days!

First 60-sec run: Felt good to push myself. Was definitely a shock to my body. WAY out of breath... started feeling it, but it wasn't too bad :)

90-sec brisk walk: Stayed out of breath most of the time, it didn't really feel like much of a "recovery", haha. I actually started to feel quite heated.

Second 60-sec run: Ick. I kept my pace up but was SO out of breath, and started to feel ridiculously hot. I made it all the way through the 60 seconds..

then started the 90-sec walk and felt like I was going to pass out. I had to stop for a second and when I stopped it hit me that I was *not* okay to continue standing, haha. Luckily there was a picnic bench nearby and I sat down. DBF and DS caught up to me with the stroller and he lectured me to keep going but I had never felt that terrible in my life. And on top of the physical stress, there was an extreme disappointment in myself for stopping. I didn't realize I was *so* out of shape. I have never been so unhealthy in my life. Bleh!

After I felt better, I picked it back up with the 90 sec walk... then I did another 60 secs, but took it slower. It felt good, but I started to get light headed and didn't want to feel like death again. Then I walked about 10 min to the car. The second I got to the car I felt like I was going to throw up. My face was like bright bright red and I had a killer headache. It was almost like being at the picnic bench again. SOoo weird, considering I had just *walked* and not even fast!

I think my problem was, during the runs/jogs, I went pretty fast. The music was fast and I by instinct was keeping up with it. I might try to run again in a couple hours, actually. It might take me an extra week just to get through Week 1! That's disappointing but I'm determined to stick with it and push myself. I WILL finish this program!

Besides that, in my last fitness-related post, I mentioned that my goal weight was 185 by September 10th. I'm not going to jump the gun, but it's Sept. 7th and I weighed in this morning at 185.8 :D .. Almost there! Then I can set a new goal... I'm so excited! I feel terrific, even after this morning's disappointment. But I WILL get there!

I'll keep you guys posted on Wednesday.

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