Thursday, September 3, 2009

Review: You've Got Fluffy Mail - gDiaper Cloth Inserts

While posting on a popular parenting website, I met Janell. I was impressed by her in every way - and still am. Her 3rd baby is the same age as my son and we have so much in common. Best of all - she's a cloth mama! Janell makes and sells diapers, inserts, wipes, wraps, and more... and not only does she sell them in her shop, You've Got Fluffy Mail , but she posts tutorials on how to make them on her blog! She also has a Cafe Press store.

Janell is a wonderful, creative mama and GREAT to work with. I encourage all of you to check out her sites. Her blog is so helpful, and everything she makes is made with love :)

Plus, her cafepress merchandise? Super cute:

gDiaper Cloth Inserts:
Janell designed and made these terrific cloth inserts for gDiapers, and was kind enough to send me two of them to test on my Li-bug.

She has styles available for boys, girls, and gender neutral. I received one of an adorable penguin print and one in a cute cute cute froggie print. I use them in a size Medium gPants.
Like I said earlier, this entry has been a long time coming because of my little hiatus from the cyber-world, so I've had nearly a month to test out this product before reporting here to you. I have nothing but positive things to say.

Cuteness Factor : 10/10... Need I say more?!
Absorbancy: 8/10 ...
Absorbs MUCH better than a prefold would in a gPants and a gDiapers flushable doesn't even hold a candle to these inserts. They last roughly 2 hours on my son (heavy wetter, haha)
Leakage: 0. *handclaps!*
Customer Service: 10/10
.... Maybe I'm biased, but Janell is terrific to work with!
Washing/drying: 9/10 I hand-wash so washing usually isn't an issue with us. However, I think I scrubbed a little too hard because the fabric on my froggy print faded a little. My penguin print is pristine. Drying time is average... I MUCH prefer waiting for an insert to dry (hang drying) than a fitted... it's so much more convenient.

These inserts in gDiapers are a convenient way to cloth diaper. Since you don't have to deal with washing the gPants (like I said, zero leakage!) each time and you only have to change out the insert, there's less to fuss with!
Plus... price-wise, these are great. Janell's shop, You've Got Fluffy Mail, offers 3 gDiapers cloth inserts for $10, or 10 for $30! Considering if you order the gCloth inserts manufactured by gDiapers (I am not knocking them - I have not yet tried them!) , you only receive 6 inserts for $29.99... sounds like a deal to me!

Thank you Janell! We love our cloth inserts!


  1. Yea!! I am glad you liked them! I am actually thinking of trying the "real" gCloth just so I can compare them to my stuff! LOL Thanks so much for your kind words.

  2. Checking out her website now! Thanks for link, Teen.


  3. I loved this idea so I made a few to try out. I have found that despite multiple attempts at washing (a few times with vinegar as well) the smell of ammonia lingers. Have you experienced this? Is there something I am doing wrong perhaps in washing? I wash every 2-3 days. I rinse the wet ones in the sink and then store them in a dry bucket until washing. Please help, thanks so much!

  4. how well do these hold up for overnight wear